UPFI, supporting sustainable urban project initiatives in the Mediterranean

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“Imagine the southern Mediterranean tomorrow… 245 million people living in urban areas. A huge challenge for this region of the world.

The Union for the Mediterranean, the European Union, the French Development Agency and the European Investment Bank have joined forces to achieve a successful transition towards sustainable Mediterranean cities.

The Urban Projects Finance Initiative (UPFI) supports project promoters in the southern and eastern Mediterranean, helping them to prepare and to finance ambitious urban development projects, which aim to create jobs, to reduce poverty and to upgrade the urban fabric.”


Preparation of an UPFI mission of urban collaborative workshops in Algeria

In the framework of the relaunch of UPFI projects identification in Algeria and the resumption of technical dialogue between AFD and the Algerian authorities in 2017, the UPFI Steering Committee (AFD, EIB, EU, UfM), the Algerian Ministry of Housing, Town Planning and Township, the Algerian Ministry of Transports and their respective operators have agreed on the organization of two collaborative workshops on the following topics: renewal of old urban fabric in Algeria, and enhancement of railway urban infrastructures heritage. Activities of follow-up of the results of these two collaborative workshops will be then conducted with the ministries and their operators, with the objective to deepen these topics and, if applicable, to launch the preparation of an urban project. In order to conduct these activities, a call for tenders has been published on the dedicated procurement platforms for selecting a service provider on the European delegated funds of the UPFI.

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